About Rymex Scaffolding

About Rymex Scaffolding

Rymex Scaffolding is a relatively new company to the Mexican market, formed in 2013. We believe we can provide a system not often seen in Mexico due to untrained personnel. We at Rymex Scaffolding can provide a solution to whatever situation that may occur. We are here to solve your problems, not create them. Rymex Scaffolding can be onsite within hours to provide any scaffolding need (access or other). Emergency scaffolds can be erected by our highly trained scaffolders (British standards) —Day or Night— to a top level.

Our Experience

With over 25 years experience in the scaffolding industry, we would like to say that we are the 1st scaffolding company in Mexico to provide tube and fitting system, that we can honestly say has taken us years to perfect, not hours in classroom. This high standard we provide will be noticed and appreciated when your workforce carry out their works with no risks to their lives. Our safety record is very important to us and most importantly to our clients.

Scaffolding Systems

@ Rymex Scaffolding, we put together any type of scaffold with maximum quality, including:

  • Tube and fitting (specialists)
  • Layher
  • Kwikstage
  • Cuplok
  • Haki
  • Quicklock
  • System

Our Technology

scaffolding software

With our up to date scaffolding software we can provide all complex scaffolding designs without the costly need of an architect or engineer. One can always be arranged on the request of a client. We at Rymex Scaffolding hope to create a trust built on friendship reliability and professionalism and prices unbeatable for precise scaffolding erection.

Our Certifications

Certified by the United Kingdom

Our managing director is a British trained scaffolder.

  • NVQ level 1 Trainee Scaffolder
  • NVQ level 2 Scaffolder
  • NVQ level 3 Advanced Scaffolder
  • Hilti tested on scaffolding ties (pull tests from anchors that tie scaffolds to buildings).
  • Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme (CISRS) | Health and Safety tested every 5 years for card renewal.

NVQ Level 3 100%
CISRS 100%
Hilti Test100%
Risk Management 100%