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Scaffolding works undertaken

All works undertaken by Rymex Scaffolding are 100% guarenteed and erected to the highest possible standard. These include:

  • Shoring scaffolds ( all types )
  • Ramps
  • Birdcage scaffolds
  • Temporary roofing structures
  • Bridge scaffolds
  • Towers
  • Access towers
  • Cantilever scaffolds
  • Hanging scaffolds
  • Demolition scaffolds
  • Crashdecks
  • Scaffold inspections
  • Netting


We cover every need

@ Rymex Scaffolding we can build from basic scaffolds, to the most sophisticated ones on the market, complying with safety nets, lighting, staircases and access corridors.

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British Standards


Rymex Is the Solution

@ Rymex Scaffolding we offer a new system in Mexico, with 100% trained staff and with the highest levels of security, enabling us to provide solutions of the highest quality, for any type of work and wherever you need it.

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Our Coverage Area

We are constantly expanding!

Currently, we provide our services to the State of Mexico, Guerrero, Puebla, Morelos and the Federal District.

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