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    Rental and Specialized Scaffolding
    Erection for all your Projects needs.
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    British standards in Mexico
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Rymex Scaffolding


About Us

@ Rymex Scaffolding, we have 25 years experience in the erection of scaffolds, specializing in everything related to tube and fitting...

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Our Services

@ Rymex Scaffolding, our versatility lets you find the right service, tailored to your needs...

Our Services

Our Work

@ Rymex Scaffolding, we can put together any kind of scaffold with the highest quality. Know our work...

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British Technology

Maximum Security Scaffolding

@ Rymex, we have 25 years experience in the erection of scaffolds, specializing in everything related to tube and fitting. This puts us in first place nationally for service, which can be adapted to any project, according to customer requirements.

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Cubes Rymex Scaffolding

Rymex Scaffolding Services

We meet every demand!

@ Rymex Scaffolding our unique adaptability enables you to find the right solution to suit your needs. We can erect basic scaffolds, to the most sophisticated ones on the market, complying to international scaffolding regulations. With extras such as safety nets, lights, stairs and access corridors, among others. We also have 100% trained staff with the highest levels of training, enabling us to provide a service far more superior than what can be found today in this market. For any type of project and wherever you need precise scaffolding erection.

Our Services


Our first priority

@ Rymex Scaffolding. Safety is our priority and our main objective is to reduce accidents on site caused by human error this means putting scaffolding everywhere that can provide a safe means of access. Or to prevent your personnel from accidental falls on site or wherever it may be. Your project is very important to us and we will do our best to provide a unique scaffolding service to keep your project running smoothly. The training of our staff takes years of work in the UK —origin where this system was created— not hours in a classroom or from a manual. For this reason, be confident that we will make sure that your staff can work without any risk to their lives.


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Interior staircase 4 floors in tradicional tube and fitting Rymex Scaffolding.


tube and fitting
Tower scaffold with lifting, beam to hoist cleaning materials and stone panels for repair works (Layher) Ringlock Rymex Scaffolding.

Tower scaffold

Hanging platform for beam works to be carried out on new roofing structure Rymex Scaffolding.

Hanging platform

roofing structure
12 one lift hanger for repair works to piers corrosive components then painted. kwikstage scaffold by Rymex Scaffolding.

lift hanger

kwikstage scaffold
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Our Coverage Area

We are constantly expanding!

Currently, we provide our services to the State of Mexico, Guerrero, Puebla, Morelos and the Federal District.

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